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Architect’s Problem Solving Methods

How do Architect's Solve Problems? Most common problem-solving methods include a round of problem verification before jumping into solution mode. It is usually helpful to consider similar past situations where these types of problems have occurred, as well as to...

Become an Enterprise Architect

Innovating Your Way into the Spotlight Are you wondering how you might become an Enterprise Architect?  Here is a snippet from my book: Perhaps you are a real innovator and you have created something different or great. Maybe you came up with a new way to test or...

Priority Tip – Schedule Routine Tasks

Priority Tip – Schedule Routine Tasks

Productivity TIP for the day #Themed content - now there is a #productivity tip... that's my Thursday and years ago I spent some time and money certifying in this... wanted to share today...  There are two types of people who suffer in their productivity - those who...

Finding Your Focus

Finding Your Focus

Many of you found this as you are yearning to find focus.  I have coached and trained many in finding their zoom factor.  Often people know what it is they want to do but get stuck on the how.   They spend time trying to figure out how they'll get to their goals...

Design Your Vision

Design Your Vision

Is this what you are trying to do? Design Your Vision Today I shared some thoughts on what you might do to create your vision.  I have done this a few times during my business life and it's very cool when you are some place and you start to think --- hey I've been...

Your Success Checklist

I just wanted to invite you to check out my success checklist. Again, I have something really cool for you to download and I thought I should tell you just a little bit about it before you make your decision and hopefully it won't take you long. It is my success...