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Priority Tip – Schedule Routine Tasks

Priority Tip – Schedule Routine Tasks

Productivity TIP for the day #Themed content – now there is a #productivity tip… that’s my Thursday and years ago I spent some time and money certifying in this… wanted to share today…  There are two types of people who suffer in their...

Finding Your Focus

Finding Your Focus

Many of you found this as you are yearning to find focus.  I have coached and trained many in finding their zoom factor.  Often people know what it is they want to do but get stuck on the how.   They spend time trying to figure out how they’ll get to their goals...

My Vision

Today I’d love to share with you my vision. I’m an entrepreneur from multiple different disciplines. I would like to share with you just my story. My recommendation to you if you’re taking anything away from this is you work really hard on your...

How To Design Your Customer Avatar

If you don’t design your customer avatar now, you’ll hate yourself later. I’ve got a few tips for you on building your customer avatar. Some may call this a customer profile, but really what this is is actually doing the work, very comprehensive...

You Gotta Know Where You Are Going

You got to know where you’re going. It’s Sharon again and I wanted to give you this warning. You don’t want to try to build a networking business on social media without first knowing your desired outcome. You know what, social media is this massive...

The Ninety Day Year

Hi, you found this blog post because you did a search for the 90 day year. Today, what I want to share with you is some information that I gained by reading Todd Herman’s book, The 90 Day Year. I want to just share with you how I created my short term vision as...

Never Lead With Greed

Never lead with greed.  I wanted to share with you some thoughts today so that you really focus on what you should be focusing on when you’re out doing your business. One of things that you might have been taught or witnessed is you’re focused on that...