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Online tools are a critical component to success in your online marketing and internet platform, especially if you are a solopreneur. — download my list today!

business tools checklist

Business Tools Checklist



Here are some of the online tools I use, or have used in the past and recommend.  If I’ve used them in the past, and no longer use them, it means my needs have changed, or I have outgrown them (meaning – I’ve grown my business to require additional functionality).  I do not recommend any products that I’ve outgrown means limited service, transactions or volume capacity.

Autoresponders (email marketing):

Basic starter tool:

  • GetResponse

      • InfusionSoft (click to try a demo of the most robust, internet marketing email, shopping cart and online  marketing tool (this is the tool that I use for my ecommerce as well as my campaigns and email marketing).  Full marketing tool, including merchant host link, shopping cart link as well as marketing tool API.


 Web Hosting

Host your website with – used it but its drawbacks are the lack of screening amongst customers they host together


I have used several, and this one is best so I won’t both to tell you about my horror stories.  There are some companies that create themes and then don’t keep them up to date, and if you are using WordPress, this is critical.

WordPress Support.

Domain Registration

Online Marketing (CRM)

Shopping Cart

  • InfusionSoft

Productivity Tools

    • Roboform

RoboForm: Learn more...

  • Webinars:  GoToMeeting – free trial – meetings and webinars

GoToMeeting Free Trial

Mind Mapping

  • FreeMind – MindMapping
  • MindMeister – MindMapping
  • Evernote – take notes on your pc, mac, ipad, Android – everywhere!
  • Pamela – record skype calls
  • Skype – free calling, around the world (I pay a minimal fee to get video calling and other features)

And more in the download 🙂



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