Never lead with greed.  I wanted to share with you some thoughts today so that you really focus on what you should be focusing on when you’re out doing your business. One of things that you might have been taught or witnessed is you’re focused on that commission check, or that second commission, or that great big fat check with a certain starter package, if you’re really focused on that, people can smell that. They can feel your greed, and really if that package happens to be the very best thing that the person that you’re speaking with, or sharing with could use, that’s one thing. Really, if that’s just about your greed, because that’s going to give you the best commission, it’s not going to work, trust me.

Something else that I wanted to mention is that greed is never a really good long-term strategy. If you’re really focused on that, let’s just say you have a goal, and you have this number of packages you want to sell, that might work for you once, or twice in a little while. Some people that might work with all the time, people that potentially get those packages tend to return them, they tend to feel slighted when the packages isn’t just quite what they needed. Also, when they’re feeling, or they see that credit card statement at the end of the month, they’re thinking a little bit that, “You know, that guy was pretty,” or “that girl was pretty greedy when they were convincing me that I should buy this,” and that’s not going to work for you on the long-term. It’s a real … Greed is a fear based emotion, and so when someone’s afraid that they’re not going to make their monthly quarter, they’re not going to make that nice commission check because they promised to buy their child something, or there’s a sports venue, or sports activity they wanted to pay for for their child, it’s really fear that they’re not going to be able to pay for it.

Often that fear is going to come out whether you’re sharing this online, or you’re sharing this face-to-face. Again, people can see that, they’ll see it in your eyes, if they want to meet with you face-to-face they’re going to know that again, “This is greed, and this is fear, you’re afraid, and you really need to get that commission check.” The other things that you really want to think about is think about the people that are inside of your team, so if you really focus on growing your team members and what they need, I’m not talking management mode, I’m talking about what do your team members need? I have to say that one of the most amazing moments I ever had as a network marketer was the day that a lady got up on the stage to accept an award that she was being recognized for, she got to retire from her job, she was in the first tower on 9/11, and when she got up to accept her award I cried. I didn’t cry when I got my own awards, I cried when she got on the stage, she suffered from what happened to her when she was saving lives, and when she got on the stage I cried. Tears running down my face, I was so proud and so excited.

Make it about building your team, not about getting that big fat check, or that sale, it’s just not going work. The last thing I wanted to do is I just want to mention about focus on long-term profits, so in the company that I happen to work for, we’ve got unbelievable solutions for people, and focusing on the solution that matches the prospect or the customer the best is going to be what gives me the most long-term benefit. Again, if you’re with a company that has a real skinny catalog, or you don’t have that many skills, this recommendation might not work for you. If you really focus on the long-term benefits of the customers that you bring in as well as the distributors that come and join your team, that will do way more for you in the long term than the short-term.

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