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Welcome to my “Work Sharon Evans” page. You landed here because you’ve visited me on YouTube or got a message in an email that enticed you to visit and ask questions about what you were watching.  You can find all of my social media pages and links at my Social Page at

Here I want to show you other ways to earn an income, stay at home to work, or get more time for what you love doing AWAY from work.

It’s temporary, and it can be permanent. Ask me how right now…  Add your name email and phone number and I’ll contact you – please give me 48 hours – I’m busy 🙂

Do this at – here you’ll find my social connections and your request form if you scroll right to the bottom and click “contact”.  It’s quick, it’s easy – I respect people’s privacy and so if you find this info isn’t what you are looking for, disconnecting is easy!  You’ll also see how easy it is to do this too.  I share solutions with others and if you like to tell people what you love, this might just be for you 🙂

Sharon Evans

Sharon Evans