Three early warning signs of a vaporizing downline. Hi, it’s Sharon again and if this resonates with you, I’m sorry but that’s life in an awful lot of network marketing companies. You found me because you did the search on this and today in this post, I’d like to give you a few tips. You’ve probably found me because you found my site at or you’re looking for ways to actually prevent this from happening to you. I hate to say this but in some types of comp plans, they promote laziness or they will vaporize because of laziness and again there’s different strengths and weaknesses of each kind of comp plans. That’s not what today is about.

First of all, some industry speak. What in the world is a downline? First of all, if you are in direct sales or just in sales a downline can be termed as those who you work with you or for you and as a coach you mentor them. Again, some of the things that you all of a sudden start seeing are things that you would say these are vaporizing. They’re disappearing. What do I do? That may be why you went searching.

First thing is on this list is they are wasting your time. That’s right. They’re focusing on all the wrong stuff, they can’t say anything good about the company and they are wasting your time. You are getting endless amounts of text messages, phone messages with crazy crazy questions. Why does this product have X,Y,Z in it? Do we have this claim that we don’t have this in it? I really like this company because they’re claiming this or why doesn’t our company advertise over here in this magazine or on that TV channel. Again, these are things that these are wasting your time. If somebody said to you, how can I and then asked for you to help them solve a solution, that’s different. If they’re wasting your time, that’s just evidence that you know what, they’re possibly next or close to next on the list of someone to go.

People that don’t show up voluntarily. That’s the second item I wanted to list. They don’t attend your weekly training meetings, they don’t come to your networking meeting, they don’t bring anyone at all to the meetings, they’re just not showing up. They may be putting negative posts in your groups on some of your social media. You don’t see them on attendance logs, so if you happen to have a really advanced business where you’ve got and you’ve built a whole bunch of tools for your team and you can see what people are looking at and what they’re not, you can actually really trace how many things are getting used and you are also able to trace when people don’t show up on let’s say on some of your conference calls or if they are not using the sites at all. If they’re still performing and they’re still having results maybe that site isn’t necessarily their medium of choice but if they’re not using any of the stuff, they’re not on the calls, they’re not on the sites, they’re not at meetings, poof! They’re gone. Okay?

Finally, I mentioned bad questions. I mentioned crazy amounts of questions that were really not really very worthy. What about no questions? A vet, they might show up every once in a while and they want something at the last minute but they’re not asking enough of the right questions. Ask yourself, do they really deserve your time?

There are thousands of people that you could work with and so I don’t know that you should really worry sometimes about downlines that are vaporizing because it might be the bad apples that are really aching to disintegrate. You found me again because you found Sharon C Evans. You wanted to know how to help yourself with this problem. I hope you found some value. If you liked it or you’ve got some thoughts scroll down, add your comments, I would really appreciate it. Have a great day.