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Whare are the goals of a business ?

What are the goals of a business? The goals of the business or to create profit.  And so in your vision you want to be successful this year.  And so last blog was about creating your plan on now we’ve got from beginning to end  ---  the results of your week.  You may...

Solopreneur and Vision

Today I want to share with your my way of creating my Solopreneur 2016 Vision.  It's quite bizarre how this came about but it's something worth sharing, I think Solopreneur and Vision It was my goal for 2016 to be bigger than ever.  When I sit down with a client, I...


Thank you for joining our tips and techniques lists for entrepreneurs and their freedom businesses. You can download the roadmap Network Marketing Roadmap if you'd like more info beyond the roadmap (as seen on the last page of the roadmap), you can complete this and...

Business Process Management

Business Process Management – What Do You Need to Know? It happens all of the time. Business changes, and they close, business process changes, and it needs to change. Often I am hired to help those who want to close their business and they are looking for help in the...