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How To Recession Proof Your Life

How To recession proof your life? How do I recession proof my life? I’ve built several streams of passive income, and I want to show you how you might do the same. First of all, I wanted to share with you some of the things that I did to start this.   At...

Direct Sales Hacking

In this post we are sharing our direct sales hacks we use to fast track our business growth. If you really like this information about direct sales hacks, please like, share and comment on this video below

Ageloc Youth Testimony

Back in September, I was fortunate enough to be invited to trial some pre-launch product I was suffering from some “discomforts” – those are the legal words I have been asked to use.  In Canada, we call this Ageloc Y-Span – or for Ageloc Youth...

21 Ways to Make Passive Income

If you’d like to make passive income, you probably want to know how.  There are may ways that have been published, but I’d like to share my eBook. You found this page as you are interested in this topic and this list is my refined list.  If you wish to...

How to Find Leads

How to Find Leads

Hello my name is Sharon Evans and I am an expert in business coaching for direct sales, as well as network marketing. I’m an author, I’m a speaker, I’m a consultant, and today I want to show you how I keep an unlimited flow of prospects into my...

Design Your Vision

Design Your Vision

Is this what you are trying to do? Design Your Vision Today I shared some thoughts on what you might do to create your vision.  I have done this a few times during my business life and it’s very cool when you are some place and you start to think — hey...