How does one separate being an author from a speaker?  Some authors speak, and some speakers write, and some do both.  I fall into this last category, with speaking coming first.

My first book “Zoom Factor for the Enterprise Architect:  How to Focus and Accelerate Your Career” initially was inspired by a speech that I gave at Caesar’s Palace back in 2007, at an Enterprise Architecture conference.  No one was talking about the career, and everyone was trying to define Enterprise Architecture.  My speech was the outline of my book, and the research that followed encapsulates my life’s work as an Enterprise Architect and IT Strategist.

My career in public speaking began at trade conferences back in the mid 90’s and continues today with keynotes, meeting presentations, author appearances, seminars and webinars.

I also speak on the topics of designing your vision, goal setting, leadership, network, social media and content marketing.  If you’ve got an event, I might be your next keynote or workshop speaker.

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