Today I’d love to share with you my vision. I’m an entrepreneur from multiple different disciplines. I would like to share with you just my story. My recommendation to you if you’re taking anything away from this is you work really hard on your story. What I mean, it will become evident as I go through.

My vision is to really help people find entrepreneurship. I’m just, I have this passion for entrepreneurship. I love things that are entrepreneurial. If you ask me some of my very favorite TV shows to watch, I love Dragon’s Den. I love Shark Tank. I love anything about a story about what an entrepreneur went through to get what they were after.

Getting back to my story, I started off, I guess it wasn’t exactly stared off. I have a background in the IT industry. That’s information technology. I decided that I wanted to get into consulting. Part of that was the company that I chose to partner with asked me if I would travel. I very quickly became what is known as a road warrior. My life was in a suitcase. I got to the point where I couldn’t remember which floor in which hotel that I was staying at. Things got really crazy at some point. I couldn’t remember what rental car I had this week.

A lot of people think that that’s a badge of honor. I have to say that that gets old in about seven to eight weeks. Your friends think, “Oh my gosh, you’re so cool. You get to travel all over the place to work.” It gets old in about seven to eight weeks. Then all you want is to be home. You’re just tired of that airplane.

As time went on, I thought, “What am I going to do?” I always kept my eye out. “Is there a way I can do something online?” I was looking for a vehicle to get me out of this rat race. I was trading my time for dollars. I would go out, and I would work different, various, different approaches that I would trade for some kind of a commission check or a paycheck. After a while, I thought, “You know, this is just crazy. At this point in my life, I definitely don’t want to be a road warrior. I want to spend more time with my family.” I am now helping people get out of the rat race, and find entrepreneurship.

You see how I progressed. I went from, “I don’t want to be working in somebody’s cubicle, or somebody’s office,” to on a plane, to, “Get me out of the rat race.” Following that, while I was looking … I wasn’t exactly looking for network marketing, but I happen to have a serious skin condition. I just so happen, while I was looking at gaining skills in online marketing, I happened to trip over a product that solved my skin condition. I didn’t think that was possible. I had given up on solving that problem, and I found a solution. The people that I spoke to said, “Alls you got to do is demo this solution.” I thought. “I do demos. I’m in IT. No big deal. I can do this.”

Fast forward. Peel the onion back just a little bit further. I was able to solve my skincare problem. To be honest, I have some autoimmune conditions. I was told to always stay away from any kind of supplement or vitamin. I decided one day I was so tired of the medical system not helping me out. I decide that, “I don’t want these side effects that are in any of this medication anymore. I’m going to try this.”

I just so happened to have found out that I had a solution right in my back pocket. Now my business is primarily just listening to people and finding out what solutions would work best for them. The thing that comes from a vision is your mission or my mission.

That’s what I wanted to share with you today. My mission really is to help people solve their health problems, the things that bother them the most about the way they look, about the income they earn, and as well also finding a way to get out of the rat race and say goodbye to cubicle life or office life or freeway or rush hour traffic life forever. The other thing I wanted to mention, you found me because you indicated or clicked on Work with Sharon I would love to invite you to get some more information on this page and see if there’s any kind of fit here for you. Have a great day.