If you don’t design your customer avatar now, you’ll hate yourself later. I’ve got a few tips for you on building your customer avatar. Some may call this a customer profile, but really what this is is actually doing the work, very comprehensive focused work on finding out who your customer is and what they want. Do you even care what they want? Really this is about coming up with the benefits that they are looking for. Not the benefits that are on the brochures of the products that you’ve got to sell. What do they really want? Do they want beauty, do they want better health, but really drill down. Do they want to fit in their skinny jeans? Do they want to wear a bathing suit on the beach? What are the things that they really, really want.

You figure out what it is that they want, but also what they need and not what you sell. Really, going and saying here’s what I’ve got to sell. I’m going to go and find some customers that want what I have to sell. That’s kind of backwards. Finding out what people want allows you to have conversation with these people and really focusing and honing in on what your business is. One of the terms that people use is demographics, so they use demographics on your perfect customer are things like what magazines do they read or what news articles do they read? What blog sites do they like? What do they wear? Where do they go? Where do they hang out? What kind of conversations are they having with their friends? Think about how much you would really love to eavesdrop on those conversations. That’s essentially what social media is. You’re watching this right in front of you, people making commentary about the things they want or the things they need or people ranting about the things they love. Again, is there any way that you can use that to build your customer avatar?

Essentially what you’re asking yourself is what are their problems? What kinds of things are really getting them down or causing them to lose sleep at night? Another way to think about this is what are your solutions. If you have some way of matching these things, their problems and your solutions, you’re in business. If you’ve found value from this post, why don’t you scroll right down and add some comments. I really appreciate those, they help me a lot.