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Social Media Basics for Business

I really have been working to get to all of the info you need to use Social Media for your business.  If this is something you need or want, fill in your information here: It's just about ready --- ETA is June 10th. Do you want to be first in line to get this state of...

Secret to Leadership

Lately I’ve been thinking, researching, writing and speaking a lot about leadership. I had some philosophical discussions with myself “What is the Secret to Leadership?” First of all – I had to get clear on the definition, then haul out about a half dozen books on the...

Lessons Learned in Procrastination

Lessons Learned in Procrastination

I feel I must use a blog to share a lesson I learned this week.   If you like, you might substitute this title for "Excuse the Mess" when looking at this site. I left for a convention this week - I headed off to the Global Speaker Summit in Vancouver, B.C. on Sunday...

The Client Magnet – Writing a book to Attract Clients

The Client Magnet:  Writing a book to attract clients Writing a book in your field of expertise will provide you the leverage differentiate you from the competition. Your book as a client magnet will continue to attract clients well into the future as a constant flow....

Business Growth Tools I Use

Business Growth Tools I Use

I get asked at least 3-5 times each week which business growth tools I use to fuel my business, and specifically which ones lead to measurable business growth. Since this is my *** favorite topic ***, I thought I'd start a blog series in which I do an article of each...

Set your 2012 Goals Now

I know, you've read enough and heard enough about New Year's resolutions and goal setting already.  Have you done it yourself?  Why? I think I know the answer.  Sometimes it's just plain hard work.  Why don't we take time for ourselves and really sit down and figure...

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  • Wow – What a Ride – We launched on November 15, 2011 and we’ve already hit best-selling status on Amazon.  Tuesday was a crazy day but we did it!

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