Should you quit your job and go full time? You found this blog post because that’s a question you’re asking yourself and so many people in direct sales really struggle with this. You might have a network marketing company or you might have some other way of earning passive income and you wonder, “Should I be doing this full time?”

Today I just really want to give you some of the things that you should think about before you quit that J-O-B. Now let’s just phrase it. Let’s just get this right off the table right away. Jobs suck. Traveling in to sit in a cube in someone else’s establishment sucks. Having somebody tell you when you eat, when you can take holidays, that’s no good. Don’t you wish that you could actually control that? Getting your head really believing in all those things will help drive you to your success and believing it on a constant basis. Be careful because if you get some momentum and you get really successful with your direct sales business, you win a new pin level or you get to a new award level and you think, “Okay that’s it I got it.”

You’re going to have to wait until you actually are earning enough income so that you’re going to have something sustainable before you go quitting your job. There is nothing wrong with you working on your business at the same time as you still have your job. Just to share with you a little bit of my story. I had really had a heart to heart where I thought about how should I really be doing my businesses so that I can do exactly what I love. I had a real thought about what are the 3 things that matter to me most, my family, earning some kind of income to make sure I can buy my family the groceries and pay the bills that come each and every month.

Whether it’s the insurance on your house, the taxes, the mortgage, your car payments. Those things have to get paid no matter what. Just because you sold 5 new starter kits this month doesn’t mean you should be going full time. You have to make sure that you’ve built to a certain level in your company that you know that all of your monthly bills are going to be able to be paid each and every month. You also want to be making sure that you really, you have some savings. If you end up with some kind of emergency you’ve got those sitting, waiting for you in the bank before you think about, “Okay, I’m ready to go do this full time or go pro.”

Jobs suck but there’s that stream of income that comes on a regular basis where this check just comes every week or every month or bi-weekly. Whatever it is that’s got you going on. There’s other things that I can suggest. This is what my mentality, I thought, “okay, I told you about my family, I told you about the things that pay the bills.” There’s that third thing, it’s building a business that you love, that you want to overtake what it is you do on a get for that regular paycheck and so if you can dream and think about, set that as your vision to get there some day, that’s great. One day we’ll get rid of this J-O-B or just over broke.

We can get past some of these things around sitting in a cube. You’ve got to wait until at least your monthly income or residual income exceeds what your employment income and you’ve got to make sure you’ve done that for my recommendations is at least for a year. You’ve got a years worth of income and you’ve got that just as a safety net because you know maybe 6 months to a year depending on what the income is in the company that you’re working at. I really think that there can be some of these monthly expenses that come in and you need to really think about who’s depending on me and how can I make sure that I’ve taken care of everything and what are my safety nets.

Again,you found me because you were asking, “Should I quit my job and just go full time?” Make sure you’ve got all of these things taken care of before you get to that point. Talk to your upline, whoever your business colleagues are. Ask them, “Okay, so when is the right time?” They’ll be some really strong guidelines and they’ll have some strong, strong support for you in this decision. Don’t just decide this just all on your own. If you really want to work with somebody that understands these pieces, why don’t you give me a call or go fill out a contact form here on my site. Let’s connect and we can do more on this business coaching where I can help you through some of these decisions and help you with what you’re trying to build. The other thing you could do, write your comments about this blog post just below and let’s connect.