Hi, you found this blog post¬†because you did a search for the 90 day year. Today, what I want to share with you is some information that I gained by reading Todd Herman’s book, The 90 Day Year. I want to just share with you how I created my short term vision as a means of not getting overwhelmed with what happens if you do a full year’s plan. If you think about those full year’s plans that you’ve written, most of them on the last week or the last two weeks of December, they ended up in garbage by middle of January or end of January.

When you think about chunking you year down into 90 day spurts, you think, “I can do this for 90 days. I really can set a goal and meet that and I can break things down into smaller chunks so it’s a lot more achievable for you.” Inside of this long term vision and this action plan that you can create for yourself for 90 days, you are going to set basically your short term versus your long term vision. You absolutely want to have a long term vision but if you can think in the short term about the chunk that you want to achieve in the first part of that 90 days, you can get that done. If you think about it, if you’d like to break it down to 30 days or even maybe every 2 weeks, what are you going to get done a week? Think about what is it this week I can do to get me to my goal.

If you think about 90 days from now, what do you want to have happen? If you really have an objective as far as dollars that you make in your direct sales company, or you have a number of new partners that you have recruited and brought in, you might say, “Okay, I want to have 10 new business partners by the end of 90 days,” what does that mean? You want to chunk that down. If you divide up your 90 days and you’ve got 10 people you want to bring in, you’re thinking about 3 or 4 every 30 days. Now, what you see is I’ve thought backwards to split what I’m going to have to do every 30 days. Then if you think about it, you need 3 or 4 new partners every single month or 30 days, you’re going to want to do that one every single week.

Lets just say you don’t make that goal, don’t throw the whole thing in the trash. Think, “Okay, what did I do really well? What didn’t I quite do so great?” And add that and do it the next week so you haven’t the whole thing out, your 90 day plan has still got momentum. The other things that you might want to do is if you want to think about is that this 90 day plan has added the value of urgency. I want to add that to our list here today that we’re building. Think about I have a goal for 90 days from now, if I achieve that goal, I am going to be this much closer to my longer term vision. It’s urgent that you get that done. I have a 90 day goal, think about that. It may be something you share with your family, your friends, other business partners. “This is what I’m doing.”

If you share that goal, you’re going to gain some momentum and the people that have partnered with you see that you are going correctly and they want to join you because you have got some direction. There’s certain things you going to want to do inside that goal but what I want to tell you about is the things you don’t want to do. Let’s talk about eliminating busy work. This is the things that you do if you are in network marketing or you’re in direct sales, there’s only so many times that you’re going to organize that list of contacts you have. If you’ve got business cards, and you sort them out every single day instead of picking up the phone or instead of blogging or instead of messaging somebody on Facebook, or instead of actually going out and communicating with people outside your world, that’s just keeping you busy.

If it’s something that you do, clean out your inbox or something that you do to sort the papers on your desk, or you really want to read that latest training video, some of that can be termed busy work. You really want to focus everyday, what are the things that are going to get me to that goal at the end of the 90 days. As well, you want to focus on the things that are going to give you the benefits that you are seeking. Something else that I might share with you here is actually some of the things that I learned in that 90 day plan of that book. What I learned in there are some really cool some templates that I was able to take right out of the book and say, “Okay, does this work for me?” I adjusted almost every template to fit my schedule, as well as my lifestyle and my business.

Flipping through that book, I guess yes you can. Follow it word for word and get to where you’re going. The other things I’d love to share with you is that life isn’t cookie cutter. You don’t have to follow everything exactly and that’s the same with your business. You don’t have to follow your leaders, you don’t have to follow what others are doing around you, follow what you want to do and really make sure you bring your personality into this. I really loved sharing with you some of the tips that I learned in this 90 day plan and I hope that you found value in this post. If you’ve got questions about building your business, why don’t you get in contact with me. You can write some comments below this post, I’d love to hear from you.