Do you want to increase your commission check? You found this blog post today because you were searching for ways I just wanted to give you a few reasons now, which might not be helping and want to find ways to get around those things.

I wrote this post because I have experience in the networking business and I want to share with you my entrepreneurship and my approach on these specific items.

If you are listening to your upline, your upline might be saying, “Sell, sell, sell, sell, sell, sell. Current problem is.” If you’re getting message after message after message telling you about the promo that you need to promote, that might be shifting your attention on something that you don’t necessarily have a lot of alignment with.

For example, if you’ve got a wide product catalog and 75% of it is really not of interest to you, it might not be of interest to your customers. Again, the ways that you can increase your check is actually think about the things that can solve their problems the most.

The next item is that their method of prospecting may not work for you in your area or at this time. For example, if their examples are bringing more people … If you’re just constantly hearing things about bringing people to meetings, bring more people, bring more people, bring more people, what if you don’t have meetings? It’s up to you to create the meeting but, if you’re listening to this, what’s going on in your head is, “I don’t have any meetings to go to,” or you’re telling yourself, “Come here and have a meeting.” Things that are just not necessarily helping you.

If you are thinking that the best way of you building your business is some other way, whether it’s social media, it’s online, it’s visiting people in your neighborhood, it’s going to associations or clubs you belong to, then their method of prospecting might not work for you in this area or time.

Sometimes this can be used as an excuse for you to be lazy and not to do the work. For example, if your upline is saying you’ve got to do all this stuff on social media, specifically Facebook, if you’re going, “Oh my gosh, I have no friends on Facebook. I don’t really have anybody talking to me there. That’s not my thing.” Is that an excuse? Maybe. Maybe you should build your network. Just think about that. Which things really can work for you.

Now what if, the third thing, what if they lack the skills that they need to train you now? You’ve been in the business for a really long time, and so there’s certain things that you’ve done that perhaps haven’t worked for you. Your upline and your business coaches should have methods for when you’re brand new, when you’ve been in the business for 24-48 hours, when you’ve been in it for a week, when you’ve been in it for a month, when you’ve been there for a year, when you’ve achieved your very first pin title or reward, there should be varying ways in which you are coached.

Again, there should be various streams for you to tap into or tie yourself to to make yourself successful. If this was of value to you, why don’t you scroll to the bottom, write your comments. That would really help me a lot. Again, you can find me again at Hope to see you again soon.