You got to know where you’re going. It’s Sharon again and I wanted to give you this warning. You don’t want to try to build a networking business on social media without first knowing your desired outcome. You know what, social media is this massive pond for you to fish in. There are billions of people out there, but if you don’t have a specific outcome, you can spend days in there building posts, adding pictures, linking, liking, you name it but you’re going to just waste your time. If you think about at the end of the day or week or month, what did I get done. If you are doing all those things I mentioned, linking, liking, and posting, without a desired outcome, you still won’t have any extra money.

So really think about this. Do as you were told. You go to some of your group events, you listen to your conference calls. One of the first things they say is know your why. Know why it is that you are there and then learn about why they are there or why are the potentially future they are there. Actually learn about why other people would join you and think about who are the best prospects you ever had. Your desired outcome on social media is to find those people.

Number two. Don’t spam. Please don’t spam. I think I’m going to actually write these things. I’m going to just write here why and then I just wanted to make this very, very important. Don’t spam. If I see one more post that said “I need 3 people who really want to make more money at home,” I’m going to jump off a cliff. I’m telling you. This is driving me crazy. It’s killing the industry. Is that the best way that you’re going to connect with people? That’s the best way for people to block you or drop you to the bottom of their desired list of stuff that they see everyday. This is killing me, okay. Rookie alert. This is bad coaching, your upline should have saw your very first post, one of these, and phoned you, texted you and said “Stop.” If they are doing it, you got the wrong company. They’re not the ones who are teaching well how to do this on social media.

Number three. Believe. Believe and know that your solution is better than your competition is offering, and believe that. How do you solve problems, really know enough about that solution. Really think about why people are going to pay attention to your posts. Most people that are on Facebook are there because they want to be entertained, they want to be happy, they want to take some time out, they’re waiting for their kid at dance class, they’re waiting in the basketball court for their kid to finish. They are putting in time and what do they want to read? Not “Hey, come here. See my stuff, buy my thing.” They really want to be entertained. They love seeing your pictures, they love seeing your things about your family, they really love seeing stuff about your cats and dogs. Think about what your solution is and occasionally drop in just some stories, especially stories, but just some hints about the types of solutions that you have to offer. Might say something like “I was so excited to see this lady, she managed to be able to find her glasses again because of” and you don’t say the product that you have that helps mental clarity, you actually mention “because of a solution that I had to share with her.”

That’s just the three things: know your why, please don’t spam, and really know and believe that what you have to offer and your solution is better. I am Sharon Evans. Scroll down to the bottom of this page, add your comments, that really helps me a lot. I’d love to see you on for more great resources.