The Client Magnet:  Writing a book to attract clients

Writing a book in your field of expertise will provide you the leverage differentiate you from the competition. Your book as a client magnet will continue to attract clients well into the future as a constant flow.

Attract Clients with Target Market Research

In order to write a book that will attract clients, one must first identify their target market with a problem or a desire. This market must be aware they have a problem or a desire. Your target market must be accessible and have the funds to fix their problems and satisfy their desires. To attract clients, your book must be centered on what your target market is in need of or desires. You will become an expert using your ‘Client Magnet’ and your business, profession, or practice will flourish as a result of connecting with the needs and wants of your target market.

The Books Cover Attracts Clients

The book’s cover acts as a magnet for your clients. The cover must draw the attention of your target market, unless you are only using direct marketing.   Check out the cover of my first book, as it was designed to draw the client in with content rich title and sub-titles. Your book will not attract clients until the client is attracted to the cover, title, and subtitle.

A great title will provide you the leverage you will need in your market. It is highly recommended to develop several different titles for your book and test them with individuals in your target market. The novice author will often make the fatal mistake of testing with family and friends rather than their target market. A rather simple way to test the market is provide a list of your alternative titles and ask individuals in your market if there are any titles on the list they would be willing to purchase at your upcoming book rate.

Increase Credibility with Testimonials

Increase the credibility of your book by obtaining testimonials from leaders within your target market. Identify these leaders, send a letter by next day service summarizing your book and requesting their review. To improve your chances of a response include a prepaid shipping bill and envelope for their reply.

Take advantage of the book’s back matter to make that final draw for your market. You can put what would be blank empty pages to work for you in an innovative way. Include coupons, discounts, information products, seminar information or other services you have to offer using your book’s back matter. This is a great area to market the reader to a mailing list or subscribe to a newsletter.

Your Contact Information and Call to Action is Critical to Your Success

Placing contact information along with your Web site address is a great idea for the book’s back matter. This is relatively free marketing directly to your target market. Most publishers will not allow authors to use the back matter in this manner but self publishers can use this to their advantage.

Sharon C. Evans is a best-selling author, coach, speaker and information product specialist. Use her expertise in helping you, the subject expert to learn to how to turn your expert information into books, the ultimate client magnet.