I know, you’ve read enough and heard enough about New Year’s resolutions and goal setting already.  Have you done it yourself?  Why?

I think I know the answer.  Sometimes it’s just plain hard work.  Why don’t we take time for ourselves and really sit down and figure out what we want?  Finding time is one problem for many small business owners, but it’s necessary.

This week I did some work for my colleague at Goal Matters, Darlene Whitehurst.  Amazing lady, unbelievable entrepreneur and business woman who knows she wants to give back.  I took her dream as so inspirational and offered to put together a framework for her.  While I was doing so, I thought I’d share some information on how I could help some of you who can’t find the time to set goals to do it quickly – 1 hour or less!

Here we go.

  1. Step 1 – Consider each of these categories – business/financial, social/family, health/physical, religious/spiritual, personal growth/development, career.  Choose one thing you want or want to change in 2012.  If possible, the one thing that would make the most difference in your life.  Write it down!  Do try to do this someplace that you’ll be able to locate later – in the notes section on your phone, wherever you collect inportant info.
  2. Step 2 – Write down the 1st three steps you’d take towards these goals.  If you are pushed for time, write down one step per category.  If possible, write down the step you can take this week, plus two others.
  3. Circle (or note) the one that would make the biggest impact in your life and aim to take care of something (anything) today to move you closer to your goal.  If it is “Learn to Do X”, search the web for a local place that offers classes in X, or a website that you might download information, or a blog you might read.  Another example  – “Spend more time with Y”, call them today and get something in your calendar for the next 7 days with that person.

Goal setting really isn’t as hard as an many might make it out to be.

Good luck and happy goal setting!