Who is Lisa Nichols, Anyways?

  • She is one of those who starred in ‘The Secret’ and authored a chapter the book titled same.
  • She authored two Chicken Soup for the Soul books
  • She authored ‘No Matter What’.
  • She authored ‘Living Proof’

and in November…

Unbreakable Spirit‘.

Why is that cool enough to add to my blog?  I am a co-author.   That’s right – I contributed a chapter to this work entitled “Unbreakable Spirit” by Lisa Nichols and 40 amazing authors that hits Amazon on November 15th, 2011.

I met Lisa at an event in June of 2010.  I followed her to one of her own events in September of last year when I learned about this project and was asked to join.  I applied, and was accepted and now it is fast coming.  I wrote about some of the tenacity required to get my first book out, and as bonuses to purchases of this book, I’m going to share some of my methods with readers on how they can achieve their life’s goals too.

Some of us plan, and some of us don’t.  It’s what we do with the plan when things start to go wrong, or things get off track that matters.  Lisa’s book is bound to be very powerful and I can hardly wait to read the stories of those I have come to know while working on this project.

More later…

to your success,


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