Our book hit best seller status on Amazon in two different categories within 48 hours of launching. Ask me how!

Wow – it’s been a wild ride!  Last Monday morning I was on a plane returning from Brendon Burchard’s Expert Industry Association conference, and thrilled with my Friday call with Lisa Nichols and our decision on a minor tweak to my chapter in Unbreakable Spirit.  Each co-author had a chapter, and Lisa was determined that each would be as good as it could be.  Smile!

On Tuesday we embarked on our campaign to spread the word about our incredible bonus program for those who bought the book.  I’m sure this was a little daunting to those authors who were not social media savvy, but actually enjoyable for me to spend the day doing what I coach others to do.  So I spread the word using many social media tools.

We told anyone who was interested in the book from our circles about the nearly $7,000 worth of free bonuses that awaited them when they bought the book.  I tweeted, I blogged, I FB’d, and wove a web of connections throughout a twenty four period.  I continued again on Wednesday.  On Wednesday afternoon I noticed that some authors were starting to use “Best Selling Author” in their facebook posts.

Quickly thereafter I received an email from AJ & Lisa giving us a  transcript right from Amazon – we were best selling authors!  Wow.  It was such a cool ride.  It took well over a year since I received the invitation from Lisa to co-author, but it was well worth the wait.

Later that day, I decided to Google “Lisa Nichols Unbreakable Spirit” and found that my hard work in social media had earned front page rankings and links on Google.  More smiles – my social media education, knowledge, trial and errors were rewarded.

I can hardly wait to get my hands on my copies of the book. We were offered custom covers to say Lisa Nichols & Sharon Evans, and each of my dear friends and supporters have already asked for their autographed copies.  For those of you even contemplating writing a book, or getting more traffic to your site and business, I highly recommend it!

Book signing party details and webinar bonus details to come.

Have a wonderful day

Sharon Evans,
Best Selling Author 🙂

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