Want to find an extra 10 hours in your work week?  Ever wished you could stop the clock, or work uninterrupted just so that you could get ahead?

I’ve been a lifetime student of productivity methods and I thought I’d seen it all.  Last year I stumbled across the International Association of Productivity Coaches, and discovered that some of their methods were better than the ones I had been using.  I run three businesses, and have a three year old son.   I wrote and published a book last year, and trust me – if I didn’t have my life organized, I wouldn’t be able to do this.

Check out my association with this organization at their site.

If you are interested in learning some new techniques, that greatly simplify what even my past favorite method taught by David Allen – Getting Things Done, you must check this out.  I’ve set it up as a very small time investment – being respective of your time, and split it into two parts.  The group component allows many small businesses that don’t want or can’t invest in getting the trianing for just the owner, or their teams, to do so in a more effective manner.

The event is split into a group and individual component – one to learn the systems, and the other to install them into your business and into your life.

I plan to write more and share some free tips and information on productivity in my next few posts, so come back, check it out, or jump straight to the form to get signed up for the Boot Camp today!

Sharon C. Evans

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