Why can making a decision can boost your productivity?

Ever delayed a decision?  One to the point where it became painful?  Often it is because we don’t have enough information.  Or we don’t know how we will implement it once we have made it.  Thinking a little about why we are delaying the decision can help us to make it more quickly.

If you are delaying a purchasing decision – it can be because you haven’t figured out how to finance your purchase, or you have doubts about your real need.  Why not make a list of the methods in which you might pay for it?

Or try breaking down the usage cost – how many times a day, week, month will you use it and break down the cost over 1 month, 1 year, 5 years?  When you look at that number, is the decision easier? Often it is.  If you only drive your car twice a week, the $600 car payment becomes 600/8 or $75.  Worth it, or not.

What about breaking down your list of needs vs. wants?  Can you make a list of definite purposes for the item?  Will it save you time?  Money?  How much?  Is this purely a wish?  When was the last time you succumbed to a wish like this?

How about some tougher decisions like terminating an employee that is sabotaging your business or trying to mend a relationship?  If you have an employee that is dragging down others productivity, think of your cost?

Will it get easier to let them go later?  Often the answer is no.  cross your t’s and dot your I’s – check out your legal obligations and do this one quickly. If you are thinking about it, it won’t get any easier.  What about the relationship?

What are the circumstances around future dealings with this person?  If you will see them often, or you are bound by other ties, it is often a good idea to nip this one in the bud.  Think of the reasons you are avoiding it – are they sound?  Or are they for a matter of your comfort.

If they are impacting your business, you won’t get a lot done until you deal with it, so why not do it today.  After you clear your mind of these productivity sucking decisions, things will get done a lot more quickly. Try not to let them pile up – that spells productivity paralysis!


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