Vision and Action Plan Strategy

Today I want to bring something near and dear to my heart when it comes to vision and action plans. We talk about creating a vision, and also about the things you can do to create your action plan.  You can slice this up, figure out which actions need to be taken, and choose a focus strategy so that you can keep your “eyes on the prize”.

Now – the thing that is near and dear to my heart? It’s ensuring that my vision connects to something important.  Something that will make a difference beyond my existence.  My legacy.  What do you want yours to be?  There are many that want peace in this world, and others that want to end starvation.  I have partnered with a company in which they have created a social entrepreneurship piece in which we have eradicated hunger in one country.  Entirely!

vision and action plan strategy

Your Vision and Action Plan Strategy for the World

Last I checked, we’d fed them 400 million meals. This is growing each and every day.  There are many people that I work on this project with who dream to visit that country, hug and feed these children and they compete for the honor to go.  How cool is that?

Just recently a friend of mine that I work with on this project had a vision to not just feed these children, but to take on a special sub-project. She asked all that she could think of to donate towards a house in that same area.  One lucky family will live in the house for two years, and will also get to go to school (the children of course), and the parents will get to go to the agriculture school nearby to learn how to grow the ingredients in the nourishing food we provide.

Is that awesome or what?   She thought we could as a group fund one of these houses, this was her vision and she kept on it until it was complete.  I’ve thought about the specific nature of this dream, and her goals and thought they were perfect to share with you.  My dream is a little different and has always been towards literacy.

I love books, writing and have always thought they must be part of my dream.  I am still trying to wrap my head around the how portion of it – have had a couple of ideas for partners and potential paths towards it, and it’s coming closer and closer to reality.

I don’t have all the nuts and bolts quite yet, but it’s getting there. I’ve heard of a local foundation that will be perfect to partner with and yes – they have an arm to provide nourishment to children as well.  All good things come when we visualize and take action.

Happy Friday, and happy visioning – may your dreams, and your action plans be real today and nourishing to your soul.