Today I want to share with your my way of creating my Solopreneur 2016 Vision.  It’s quite bizarre how this came about but it’s something worth sharing, I think

Solopreneur and Vision

It was my goal for 2016 to be bigger than ever.  When I sit down with a client, I start with a short, casual discussion about what they want.  It gets into what have they tried before, and inevitably it comes around to some sort of failure.  A failed business, a failed project, something that just isn’t going the way they envisioned.

I get  to their vision and that is the best place to start.  Sometimes, people share that they don’t have a vision or don’t know where to start.  Sometimes it just comes to you and sometimes you had it for awhile.  Sometimes you’ve had it for a lifetime.  I have always envisioned a large business, and lately one of my business ventures went global.  I have been in Canada and U.S. for years.  Sold books in 6 continents… a few.  Just a few.  Less than 2,000.  These books enabled me to expand my coaching business.

Again – my vision grew.  You see – taking baby steps were helping, and steps larger than I could imagine was even a better plan.  Scared – you betcha— but I did these things.  The original consulting business started from a decent place, and the training business turned into a speaking business.   The author in me got out and I did something that scared me even more – I self published.    Finding Lisa Nichols to help me market my book, earned me an invitation to become a best seller in co-authoring another with her.  Still scary but I earned a few social media lessons that helped me coach others in moving their books to big places.

Vision is still growing, and last year when an option landed in my lap for premium care to my child, I jumped a bit further.  The ability to expand the hours I was willing to be out in the world again doing something longer term.   Greater vision.  I saw that this was leading to my retirement of one of my businesses.  So where am I going now?

A global business.  I am sharing solopreneurship with the world.  I had a goal of finding 100 people who wanted to start their own business and I created a community in which others could share their vision and share their goals.  I love it – hearing about people who dream about their vision.  Getting an opportunity to collaborate and help them make dreams come turn.

Still bigger – coaching has been in my blood since being a very little girl.  Love specialized coaching more than any – helping someone figure out how to do something special – growing a business, finding productivity and then finding where their skills and motivation intersected.  Beautiful.

This past fall, I took a bigger leap – I have hired many coaches – each with their specialty.  One in NLP, Two in Online Marketing, one specializing in elevator speeches (no joke), one who partnered with Oprah (yes, ok, Brendon Burchard is one name I’ll give you now), and another who specialized in an industry I haSolorpreneurAndVisionve recently embraced.

While doing all of this a big chunk of my vision fell into my lap and while I wasn’t searching, one of my businesses went global – crossed the pond!  How did my vision come to me?

I made a goal to do something other than dine on bon-bons and become lazy during the holiday break.  I wanted to read 5 books.  I got through the first two – one on beating procrastination so that I could strengthen one of my coaching offerings.  Another was a new internet marketing book I’d received on funnels.  The third was a re-read… the Motivation Manifesto – by Brendon Burchard.  And about one third through the book — it hit me.  I’ve been working in my solopreneur business for years.

Shared with a few people that I have perfected the ways to find others to help me build my businesses through outtasking and outsourcing.  Not to build an empire being run by others, but by me.  Then it hit me harder – I have figured out several streams of leveraged income and the way that the solopreneur can build a business from the comfort of their home office and their home computer.

Road Warrior?  Been there done that coaching and consulting.  Speaking gigs on the road?  Been there done that. Book Promotion Gigs? Been there, done that – slugged a few boxes of self-published books, and then figured out that shipping in bulk worked better.

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