Small Business Ideas for Women

There are many ideas out there and listed online.  There are over staggering numbers in the millions – might be billions at this point with direct sales.  Many women choose the party plan model as it suits their lifestyle.

The key here are that there are many ideas, and you will need to pick the one that is closest to your heart.  I have several team mates that loved beauty so they are going nuts building their business on Facebook and have a definite method on how to do this.

At the end of the day, all entrepreneurs solve problems for profit.  What kind of problems do you solve every day?  I have a relative that really investigated the “box project” type of venture.  You’ve got a need and there is now probably a box subscription you can enroll in with product that arrives each month with the supplies to answer your problem.  Kids games to meat-lovers tasting frenzies – there are so many.

The awesome thing is that social media is out there and people search for answers to their problems, or groups to join that align with their interests.  I really hope that all groups don’t go to the sales slime pit where some has “the best opportunity” since sliced bread in each and every group – but it’ll get closer to that before controls are created.

LinkedIn had a loophole in which you could message or connect with anyone in your group for free.   There are those who built huge businesses just exploiting this loophole.  They took it away – no warning.  Huge business projects – GONE!  So if you get my point – keep it honest and keep it from getting to the point where people are jumping out faster than they came in and you’ll be fine.  Keep solving problems.

There are so many women that want freedom in their lives.  Sometimes that is hiring someone to clean their home.  Other times it’s just getting the groceries, running errands or lining up the handyman.  Thing about what women really want, and as a woman you can thrive.  Thing about what you are good at, what interested you and where you’d like to spend a lot of time.  When it’s your business, you’ll spend more time here than you would on other things, but if you have a vision and a goal, you’ll find the time.

There are many small business ideas for women.  Get out your journal, favorite bevvie and quiet time to thing and get journalling.  If you need to, find an entrepreneurial coach to help you sort through your muck and you’ll be thriving in no time.

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and I’ll help you weed through some of the basic ideas out there.