you want to get started with your business, I’m going to give you some tips right now to help you do that. The very first one I want to help you with is your business model. I would suggest that you really investigate what you’re going to do here. What do you think you’re going to do? You can build a business from scratch. An awful lot of those happen to fail, but you know what, if you really get a good design going or in a plan, you might be able to succeed with that.

You would really want to engage with a proven system. If you think about all of the franchises out there, a lot of them send you away to their university so that you can learn their system. Think about the franchise model. If you’re buying a franchise, learning their style, their methods. You may want to buy a business or you may want to … What happened with me is that I was looking for something to build and I happened to meet somebody that gave me some information about a networking business. That tends to be turn key, but I’m going to say you should have probably really decide this right off the bat. What you’re second thing? You’re going to decide on your methods and your approach.

For example, if you already excel in some line of business or a career, you maybe building something based on what it is that you’re really, really good at. Why do people come from miles to comes and see you? That’s one approach is that you’re really building on your expertise. Some of the good networking businesses you’re able to blend is what their model is to what it is you’re already doing. Some of their methods I’d mentioned that on the last one, but you really want to be solid on how you’re going to approach this.

Your third one is setting up your home office. One of the things that many people do is they take the corner of their dining room table or they grab a bedroom, a corner in the basement. You want to actually dedicate something.

You want to have some place that everyone in your household says, “Okay, this is yours and this is where you do business.” One of the secrets here is that you are able to discern work time from me time. The time that you cook, you eat, you rest, you have leisure, you spend time with your family perhaps, that’s in one place. When you enter this home office, that’s to do work. It’s not to carry that stuff all over with you, sometimes you might have to. The fourth thing is setting your hours. My big suggestion here is figure out how many hours a week that you want to work and many business people say that they work 24/7. I got to tell you something, that is not a badge of honor. What you’re going to want to do is set your schedule.

For example, if you say I am going to do sales and/or let’s just say you’re going to do your content, first thing in the morning. If you’re best in the mornings, you might want to do that from 8 to 10 am. Then you might want to do some sales calls. Then from 12 to 1:00, you might do your email. Then you might have another round of some of those things once or twice a week. You’re going to want to dedicate to things like blogging or perhaps fall. Sometimes different people have different styles. If you happen to have employees, that changes the schedule. There’s going to be some things you want to do and one of my rules of thumb is get started at the beginning of the day, making sure that everybody that is doing work for me has something to do.

I’m not saying answering these emails, because lots of those emails are somebody else’s agenda, but I’m saying making sure that the people that are working for you and with you have all the time info, so that they can get on with their day. One of the last things that I wanted to talk to you about is really setting up your team. That’s related to the last item, but you really want to ensure that you have a set time that you’re going to communicate with them. Especially if you’ve got employees, there’s certain amount of hours that you have available for them. They should know, here’s the time that my door is wide open to talk. If you make yourself available 24/7, people will treat you the way you ask to be treated.

Again, you are in business for you and the whole idea is you running a business. These are just a few of the points that I recommend to you about getting your business set up like a real network pro. My name again is Sharon C Evans. I hope you enjoyed this post. It would help me a lot if you would go right underneath and add your comments. I’d love to shape and tailor the content I create for you in the future.

If you want to build your networking businesslike a pro and get coached by a pro, I invite you to get in touch with me here.

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