Today I want to give you some tips on building your business on your smartphone.

I wanted to give you a few things that you would need to know before you think that you can just build your business on your smartphone. Some people don’t know they can do that kind of thing, but the very first thing you’re going to need to do is get a smartphone. I work from no electronics companies, I am not recommending anything. I’ll tell you what I have, and that’s a Samsung. That is purely for the reasons that I need to sync it with a PC and I need to work on my MAC, and iPad, so I’ve got a variety of ways that I want to be able to connect. I like the way it takes pictures. I’m used to it, so that’s just the first thing you’re going to need to do.

The second thing is you’re going to need to choose your business model and see if that works well with the type of phone you’re picking. For example, some businesses work best if you’ve got Apple products and some don’t work at all if you’ve got Samsung. Again, do some investigation in advance. You’re going to want to pick your business model and you’re also going to want to check, is there any apps that I’m going to need in order to run my business? Choosing your business model carefully and finding out about those apps might save you a bunch of money in the long run, buying the wrong phone. You want to model those who succeeded, so if you are like me, we have a really good Facebook group that talks about the different things that we’re going to do on that specific measure of social media for our specific business. Ask around, especially do your investigation.

The next thing you’re going to want to do is you want to take a look … I was just looking around here to see if I should make you a list. I’m just going to write apps, right here. The second thing I want to write down here is graphics. Take a look around with your company and find out the rules. For example, taking and snagging the graphics from your company and reusing them may be against the rules. You want to find that kind of stuff out. If you are going to be shooting video, there’s a way that you can shoot it right from your phone and again, that’s a good suggestion, especially if you’re just starting out. Some of the best video I’ve seen has been when someone’s just out and about. Make sure, we’re back to that smartphone, that you can shoot video and good video from your smartphone.

The third thing is your social media strategy. You want to make sure that you have decided what your goals are. Just because you have a smartphone, just sitting down and blasting stuff on various social media mediums, saying, “Hey, buy my stuff. Hey, I just need three more people. Hey, blah, blah, blah.” That’s not what the smartphone is for. The smartphone is for you to be able to do your business wherever you are. Essentially you’re building a lifestyle business. Again, you don’t necessarily want to be chained to your desk in your home office or wherever it is you’re working, so again, using your smartphone to break that chain is one of your objectives here. Having some kind of an online strategy as well as a social media strategy is critical here. You want to make sure you know what it is you’re doing and even further advice is you want to have some kind of metrics that you’re going to be able to measure as to what you do each day.

The fourth thing is you are going to want to have some way of managing your contacts on your phone or your smartphone, some kind of contact manager. Take a look at the one that comes with the phone, see if there’s a way for you to keep notes on the various prospects or people that you need to call. Getting yourself a really good way of organizing these, so if maybe you’ve got the very first word in the name of that contact is prospect and then name, or name and then prospect, so that when you go searching through your phone, you can actually find who it is you want to be calling and make sure that you keep track of where that person is in your funnel. Going from a suspect to a prospect to contact, whatever kind of funnel system you want to use, ensure that your smartphone can do that for you.

The last thing is make sure that you understand, and this might take you several hours of watching YouTube to learn how to do this, but you want to find out how are you going to create folders and organize the content that you’ll need to either share with your team or your prospects. For example, if your way of prospecting is to sit down with them and show them a video, make sure that you can open a certain folder on your phone and get to that video as soon as possible. Looking all over the place for something is not going to cut it. You’re going to have to actually look like a pro when you’re doing this work on your smartphone.

Again, if you’re just a beginner, that’s okay, but try to have a little bit of time to really get to know that smartphone. If you really like this post or found some value, I’d love it if you would drop down and add some comments below. I’d love to see you again soon, right back here.

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