Were you searching online for ways to generate leads? I do not know what kind of business you have. The way that I’m going to share with you today is in your networking business. Again, a lot of this is generic. Take all of what I’m saying as meaning that. I’ve got five ways to share this with you today. There are dozens of people out there, maybe hundreds, maybe even thousands, that are saying this. What you really want to know is how are they doing it? You don’t want any more fluff or any more circumstance.

The very first way that I’m going to share is buying leads. My big huge key phrase here or suggestion is don’t. There are dozens of people out there that are selling leads. Hundreds. If they’re telling you the only way to do your networking business is to buy our leads, that’s great. They’re good marketers. Again, most of those leads don’t even know that they’re on somebody’s list and when you phone them … I’ve used these before, I’ve tried these before, I think I used one company where I bought 20 and I probably ran through nearly 40 before I got people even answering the phone. I got people that didn’t even remember, they had no idea they’d even visited that specific site. Again, a lot of times people that are generating this way trick people into doing it. They’ve got a really nice, pretty form. You think that you just filled in some entry form to go to a beach. That’s not it.

The second way is through referral bonuses. Again, there’s various programs out there that had referral bonuses as a way of really elevating the business that they had, meaning they put out a form and they said, “If you fill out or give us a referral, we’ll give you this.” Again, lots of times, those people don’t remember. Verbal referrals are great. I don’t want to necessarily eliminate those.

The third way is to actually generate your own. One of the ways you might do this is through social media. It also is through online marketing, and something that is called attraction marketing. Essentially if you’ve got something that people want, and in order for them to get it they need to fill out a form, then you will end up getting their name and phone number. Again, that’s typically called an attraction lead. Often, there are some out there that … They’re not really related to what it is that you have to sell or that you are prospecting for. If you’re going to choose anything like this, ensure that it’s very tightly aligned with what it is that you’re doing. When you build your own, make sure that it’s tightly aligned in what it is that you’re doing.

The next thing I want to mention is a little bit … We’re going out there where you’re not necessarily gonna go and acquire these things but I want to talk to you about higher quality search. If we talk about Google, that’s the very first thing that we talk about search. If you really specifically know who it is you’re looking for or you know details about your prospect pool, then Google can be a way for you to find these leads. If you are going to go on to LinkedIn, there’s a really good way of narrowing in on who it is you’re looking for. I’d caution you to be careful there because in the fine print, the very bottom of the help section of LinkedIn, it says that it is not to be used for network marketing. Again, if you really have your wits about you, really know how to use that, LinkedIn’s got a really good search capability. So does Twitter. So does Facebook. These are types of places that you can actually hone in on who it is you’re looking for. These are great sources. Think about Facebook today. There are over 2 billion users. Who you’d like to find is most likely on there. I’m going to talk about on another day about what not to do to ruin your presence there.

Finally, ask your coach. I got to say that probably the very last thing and the rare things that my coach has ever spoke to me about were generating leads. They talked a little bit about inviting, about where to go getting leads. The very first thing that almost every networking company does is they will tell you just to go and talk to your friends and family. As you know, your friends and family for the most part don’t really want your stuff. Some of them are being nice, they might take your stuff, but they’re not necessarily the way you’re going to generate leads. Now people that have your stuff and they love it, ask them. Is there somebody else who might really benefit from this same product? That’s a little bit easier than just going and hammering your friends. Whatever you do, don’t show up at Christmas dinner, your holiday dinner, whatever, depending on whatever traditions you have, don’t go and hammer your relatives. You will be avoided. That’s for sure.

Again, you found me because you were looking for ways of generating leads. I hope this was of value to you. If you like this post, I’d love it if you’d drop down, add your comments.

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