Today, I’d like to share with you some information and some tips on Direct Sales Hacking.

One of the things that I wanted to give you as tip number one in being able to achieve success is this one and I’m not doing this from a sales perspective, I’m saying either take coaching or figure out somebody that you can model. The best way and the fastest way to success is to actually model or copy what somebody successful has done before you.

If you think of the three biggest leaders in your company or you think of people like Tony Robbins or Darren Hardy, Brendon Buchard. Of course I’m going to name my favorites. Somebody that’s relatively easy to model. From this perspective, think about what are they doing for marketing, what are they doing for their business models, get their books, do what you have to do to model what they’re doing and think about your business. See if there’s some kind of a model that you can copy.

The second one is actually your approach and this doesn’t tell you anything yet, but choosing a very definite approach to try and try again is going to help you succeed. On this, you really want to take some time. Think about how am I going to build my business. I’m not saying you have to just pick one method, but you probably want to pick possibly two at the beginning and get really, really good at this.

For example, your coach in your business might have said, “You need to do this many dials.” What they’re inferring is that you’re going to be calling people. You want to talk to people over the phone or you may have a certain number of people to meet in public and go out and actually prospect them or meet them in person. This is, basically, your face to face approach and this is going to be the type of traditional approach over the phone. Think about some other ways of doing this online. If you happen to have an online background, and this perhaps a little bit closer to where I was coming from, if I have some online marketing experience I’m going to do some things online.

You’re going to really want to check with the company that you’re with if you are in direct sales. There may be, especially some of the bigger companies have some strict rules about what you’re allowed to do online. There might be some rules about using the professional graphics, reusing some of their sites. If there aren’t any rules, there’s a lot more leeway here. That’s the second way. If you’re thinking about doing things online, there’s a lot of online experts that you may model and copy from step number one that can help you out here.

The third way you want to think about is social media. Again, this third method you can say, “I’m going to build my business through social media.” Again, I mentioned that you might want to use two different methods. Again, whether you decide I’m going to do some stuff in person, some stuff online or some stuff in person or over the phone, and some stuff with social media, just pick two approaches and get really, really good at these. Why am I telling you two? Because you really don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket. Nor do you want to be overwhelmed.

That third one was social and we’ve got one more. Well, actually two more. The fourth one might be in person. Whether or not you decided you are going out each and everyday and you are going to either walk into businesses and prospect the person in the business or you are going to just go where there is an awful lot of people, and you’re going to meet people, and start conversations, whether you are going to seek out people that are really good at what they do and ask them if they like to join you. Again, there’s a way of doing that. Talk to your coach about that. The fifth way, again, is like number four, but this might be through events. If you have the ability to get out to some networking meetings, if you have the ability to be at trade shows, if you have the ability to go and set up a table at various craft events or farmer’s market type of things, that would be your fifth way.

I hope this was a value to you. I would love it if you would write a comment below. Let me know what you thought of this. Feel free to share this as well. Have a great day.

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