Creating an Action Plan for Your Vision

Recently I hosted a meetup group where we were banded together to collaborate on Action Plans for 2016.  Originally I created the group as I thought it would give more power to my vision by talking to others who also had visions.

It all started from a group who decided to be together as we wanted to flourish our empowered vision.  I personally have a vision for a global business and we are flourishing.  My mission is to help people, and more specifically:  100 entrepreneurs to start their own companies.  Get freed up from the cubicle and that 8-4 J-O-B.

Vision without Action - SharonCEvans

What’s Your Action?


I have an assistant who can take my tasks and work on tasks that aren’t MVA – my most valued activity.  Things that just are so detailed they bore me.  Things that I just am not superb at doing (or at least get paid well to do).

Today I just wanted to remind you that a vision is just a dream without action plan – figure out your timeline for when you want that vision to become reality and break it down – heard this a million times?  ok – so go do it.  If you create a timeline and deadline that is within sight and doesn’t seem so far away.

I personally like 90 day plans.  Something that really doesn’t go too far into the ditch in 90 days and another plan can become reality within the year with multiple 90 day stints.    So many people can’t get their vision to reality because they just don’t know where to start.

If you were going to start today, where would that be?  Which one piece of that vision could you take a little risk with and start to make it reality.

My contact information is on this site – let me know if you are just stuck and want a little push!