What goals do you have for your company?

So you have made a big plan 2016 is that is detailed enough. One that doesn’t have the time attached to goals, and dedicated time to work on task means that your company doesn’t have specific goals. We all had good intentions on December 31, but were they solid?

I think I have a great suggestion for you in order to be successful this year.  We don’t want a repeat of what didn’t work. Why don’t you set the goals for your in 12 week periods?  It’s shorter and more achievable.  As well as easier to measure.  What goals do you have for your company?


What are the goals of a company?


The way that I was coached was through some NLP training recently was that I had to some really set an emotional connection to my goals. I wanted to achieve and realize my vision, so I really focused on my vision statement each and every day.

And NLP training will have you do the same exercise most times most of the time.  If I’ve read these words I feel the emotion.  And then I regain my focus each and every day.

So what about setting that weekly plan.  On Monday morning take 15 minutes to review your day and tell this planet what you will do again.  Your mind, on paper and now action.

Create time blocks for yourself and recognize your strengths.  You have heard this before.  Many coaches recommend whatever time works best for you.  Mine is in the morning.  I create content as best I can very early.  And then on some days I create my social media posts and up work load to ensure they are posted daily.

Most people make a list of tasks on Monday morning and they open their email and they get to-do list out, and they are trapped with that.  Is the minutiae that will fill in your content or more important task time?.  You know that last minute thoughts of something you absolutely have to do?

You have goals and a vision for 2016.  How committed our view is to taking this news approach to ensure you don’t get trapped in minutia.   What goals do you have for your company?  Make them reality!