What are the goals of a business?

The goals of the business or to create profit.  And so in your vision you want to be successful this year.  And so last blog was about creating your plan on now we’ve got from beginning to end  —  the results of your week.  You may have done some team planning and helped others create their goals.  So how did they do?

It seems to work best if you work with the really large goals, one at a time.  You have a definite numbers you need to meet and now you did you measure them?  How well that did you use your time blocks.  How well did you do avoiding focusing solely on to-do list.

You have to intentionally walk your time and so your smartphone alarms me help you could do this.  Right down your goals and report them to your coaches.  How are you tracking your team goals against your own goals?  You may have an assistant or even teammates that help you work towards your vision.  Are they still holding your vision?

You can text your coach the results of your week.  You have another week coming up and so what kinds of things will you do to hold your vision?  Rereading your vision statement is a must.


What are the goals of a business

The goals of a business are to create profit.  You can decide and breakdown of your profit and the billing numbers for this week:

How were your social media results and pure analytics?  Did you capture your analytics there?

These are just some of the things that you can do to achieve success in 2016.  You must measure the goals that you had sent and they are with the results.  You can’t measure which you don’t set.  And can’t achieve what you don’t measure.  These were just a few thoughts that I wanted to share with you.

These achievements can get you motivated and he pushing on towards more goals.

What are the goals of a business?

Profit…  pure profit.  And of course creating value for others.