Three shocking mistakes that are killing your network marketing business. Hi, I’m Sharon C. Evans from and you found this post because you did a search on something like mistakes that are killing my network marketing business. And you might not be at that mistake stage, you might have gotten into a conversation where you were thinking about things you could do to succeed. But often when people get in some of the negative places, they think about the mistakes.

And so, some of the things that you can do that could help you out, again, they’re the opposite of what you’re doing right now. So, think about your Facebook profile. Oh, my God. You’ve got to know how to format this correctly. Like what does your banner look like? What does your profile say? Get this right, otherwise, everything you’re writing on Facebook is killing your business.

So, think about this, you wrote some really neat stuff and then somebody goes up to your profile and it’s got a couple of blanks or it says, oh I went to this school from this year to that year. I help people, whatever, you’re so vague and you haven’t put in the effort. So, that’s killing your business. Now think about your Facebook involvement in groups.

So, again, I’ve mentioned before about spam and people, I can’t believe how many people did this to me on my page in groups that I either host or I visit. But I’ll say, hey, I’ll mention some kind of a poster, I’ll mention something, I’ll share a picture, I’ll share a video and somebody puts a comment in, “Get more Facebook likes by blah, blah, blah.” Or, they’ll put some kind of link in there, they’ll put some kind of URL in there.

Okay by the way, your URL is not ever to go on anybody else’s post. Really. Now, if you are sharing, you want to say something, “Hey, I read this great article in this book.”, that’s something, that’s something different. But if it’s about your stuff, keep it on your page, on your group.

Finally, one of the things that could kill your networking business, network marketing business, is actually blaming your product, your company, your coaches or your team. Again, you know what, if you end up on social media and you’re back and forth with other members of your team and you’re messaging them and you’re maybe even posting some things that are implying some things about your team that are not favorable, that’s killing your business.

And why is that killing your business? What if you say to yourself, I just messaged somebody, that’s not killing my business. You are being negative, you are thinking about the things that you don’t like about your company. If there’s that many things about your coach, about your upline, about your team, about your products that you don’t like, get out. Don’t spend your time, don’t waste your energy being negative about your products, your opportunity.

If this helped you at all, why don’t you scroll to the bottom, add your comments, that would help me a lot. I’ll see you next time.