Well – I just love September and it’s not just because of my lifelong fascination with books.  It’s an additional time to plan – not just at the end of the month, or in the New Year, but it’s another New Year.

I have to confess – I’ve been planning like crazy all summer long.  My book has given me amazing opportunities and many calls and projects to plan, so I have to keep focused on the main large projects I’ve committed to.

When I’m creating my plan, I try to balance it with a book project, some bookings to teach workshops, a few speaking engagements and of course coaching and client projects.  I am a true entrepreneur at heart, so of course I have to add my marketing and promotion projects, as well as a few other amazing opportunities that I continue to work on to achieve my life long dreams.

The addition of getting a child off to school and planning lunches, school supplies, pick up and drop off times has added some complexity.  It’s not new because of last year, but a woman sure has to think differently.  We don’t just need a plan, but also a backup plan, and as I found out this summer, a backup backup plan.  Yikes.

I like to use huge wall calendars to keep my eye on my year all year long, and always have plenty of whiteboard pens and whiteboard space available.  I like to keep my Outlook calendar sync’d to my Blackberry, and of course plenty of small scratch pads in my purse, laptop bag and desktop to add “to-do”s quickly for later gathering and entering into the computer.

What makes a great plan?  Ensuring that there are at least three things going into your plan that will further your life and business goals.  Call these your “big stones or rocks“.  Fill it with a few medium-sized activities (stones) that further some of the things you do to build your business.  Finally, add the smaller daily items, the “pebbles and sand” on a weekly basis as your schedule dictates, but don’t move the rocks, or stones.

Have a great month!


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