Productivity TIP for the day

#Themed content – now there is a #productivity tip… that’s my Thursday and years ago I spent some time and money certifying in this… wanted to share today…  There are two types of people who suffer in their productivity – those who can’t get started and those who are just plain efficient – somettimes without knowing.

So today – I will talk to those people —- are you one of them?  Like my page and you will be sure to get these tips on my posts each Thursday as I love this stuff…



I am going to give you several tips in one day – my suggestion is to give them a try and if they work right away… keep doing them. If not — “next”. Caveat— you gotta try all day.

First one today – try the tool “wunderlist” or whatever you use for your to-do lists. Make one list for “every day”, one for “weekly”, one for “monthly” and perhaps “yearly. Think and try to add at least 5 things that zap your time. like that one? shoot me a comment and we’ll get you more…  Well – we’ve got over 50 to go, so get at ‘er.  There has got to be something for you that will make you a productivity wizard.

What if you could speed through those sales letters, sales calls or social media posts… what if you were to look at these lists – your daily stuff – like posts, your weekly stuff – look at your daily facebook insight, or your google analytics. And then there is monthly – what if you were to whip up a content map?  Do searching for your months themes or best sales campaigns?

Trust me – I used this one and so do my coaches and clients.  It’s great make your day better that “meh”… make it fabulous and get your productivity revving.

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P.s. My 9 year old son has been using “meh”… thought he made it up