Make a decision. How many times have you told yourself that? You found me today because you searched Google, social media, whatever you were searching, for make a decision. I am an entrepreneur, I have spent some time in the roles of business coach and executive coach. I do a lot of that as well as I happen to have a network marketing business.

Make a Decision


I have done all kinds of things to build passive income. I have to say, you will hear the phrase “Make a Decision” multiple times at the very beginning, middle, and end of your network marketing business, and that is, “Make a decision.”

Make a decision

If this is maybe falling on deaf ears, you think, “Okay, I made a decision already. Here I am. I’m with you, I joined you, I made a decision.” I’m talking about serious decisions, and I’m going to be very serious and very blunt with you here.

First of all, you’re going to do, you know, here. You’re going to decide, “I am going to do this business. I am going to distribute this product. I am going to distribute this service.” What does that really mean? If you think about it, there’s two different emotions that people feel the most when they’re making their decision: Fear or passion.

If you think about fear, if you were to make a list, a Neuro-linguistic programming person, or coach, told me this once, “Make a list of a hundred things that you absolutely are afraid of if you don’t succeed.” If you haven’t, here we are back at the decision, if you make that list, here’s the hundred things, if I don’t get this or if I don’t succeed, then this is the result. You make that decision list.

The second thing you do when you make that list, is to think about what you will gain if you follow through. This is your passion list. If you think about this, “I will put my child through the best college. I will go skiing on this mountain. I will visit these caves. I will hike this mountain. I will visit this ocean. I will stay in this resort.” Make your big, huge list. That is – you’re just really deciding: “I’m going to do this business. I’m going to do this activity or follow this direction.” That’s what you’re going to do. You’ve got your pleasure list and then you’ve got your pain list or your fear list.

The second thing you’re going to have to do is commit. What does that mean? These are the actions that you’re going to take daily. We’re breaking it down now. You’ve decided, okay now what are you going to do daily to get that success? These are the types of things, so for example, if you’re in sales, you say, “I am going to make ten phone calls a day. I’m going to get in my car and I’m going to visit three different locations, and I’m going to give out three different samples to business people every day. I am going to do three presentations per day, or per week, or whatever it is.” Think about that strategy and that plan, commit, commit to doing those things. “These are the things I’m going to have to do every single day in order to be successful.”

Finally, we have resolve. This is related to that no matter what. “I am going to do this, no matter what.” My favorite, favorite thing to do here is to actually pull out a book that I absolutely love, and that’s Wayne Dyer’s, he wrote a book called Power of Intention. I have highlighted and underlined multiple passages in that book. What I do if I really say, “Okay, that’s it, I am resolved to make this happen,” I pull that book out, and I read through all of my highlights. I go back to maybe may, or, not maybe, for sure go back to the goals that I’ve handwritten out. I go back to my accountability partner and say, “I resolve to making this happen.”

You see, there’s three different stages, decide is just your very first step. You say, “I’m doing this. I make my commitment, and then I resolve to make this happen no matter what.” I hope you found value in this video. Why not visit me at  Here you’ll find lots of video goodies.  Here you can find all kinds of goodies to download, and as well, you can find some great things to read and share on your social media platform. Hope to see you there.