How To recession proof your life?

How do I recession proof my life? I’ve built several streams of passive income, and I want to show you how you might do the same. First of all, I wanted to share with you some of the things that I did to start this.


At the end of last year, I really thought about this hard, and I categorized my life into three different buckets. You’ve heard about the bucket list? I made buckets from my life. I said, “I’ve got to have priorities. I’ve got my family as my priority, and I decided that I also had consulting income that I could focus on.  That was really the focus of my thinking … I had a really nice contract that I could work on with a really good customer that I enjoyed being with day in, day out. Then I also decided I really wanted to work on some other passive incomes on the side. My entrepreneurial blood never stops flowing J


I have the streams that I’ve got from along the way. Like I said, I’ve written books. I’ve created online coaching programs. I have created other small ebooks. I’ve created a few other things. I decided that I really wanted to categorize those things.


Just to give you those tips again, here’s my life. My priority is my family, my child. I thought about that first. The second thing was what was a steady income? Something I’ve got a contract for. It’s only guaranteed for as long as the customer is still doing what they’re doing, but I do some business development and business coaching. That was my second one. Again, we’ll just call that income. You might have a job. This might be your wages, what you’re doing all day long.


This is the type of thing that you could depend on, but this might be the thing that you’re dying to get away from. You really don’t like working for your boss. You really want to be your own boss. You have maybe some entrepreneurial dreams or you’re thinking about some other objectives. Some people would rather be doing some good for charity or some other type of life project like that.


Then a third thing might be your … Some people call it their plan B, but this is really your plan A. If you are in direct sales, you’re in network marketing or you’ve got some other business stream … Let’s say you’ve bought into some other business or you’ve got some investments, this last thing, I would like to call your plan A. Some people call it their plan B.  Here I may have created a passive income stream in products that help people and their health. Health and wellness is a genuine passion of mine, so I found something that aligned with something I was looking for. That really is technically my plan A.  Working my plan B until it is bigger than plan A.


Today, I just wanted to share this with you. These are also some things that you might call your new passive income streams. In here, I’ve got income and I’ve got my stable, steady income streams, things like my book, my coaching program, something like that. Then I wanted to also make sure that I identified that there was something else that I was focused on. I really hope you found this helpful. If you’ve got some questions for me, I’d urge you to put some comments on the bottom of this video on social media.


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