How To Become An Entrepreneur

You’ll find dozens of answers online. Just ask our friend Mr. Google. I could copy and paste that list here, but that might just give you some of the most common ideas. What I’d rather do is give you the general principles and you’ll be off doing this in no time flat.
You easiest way is to solve problems for a profit. What is it that gives you the most grief? Then – can you create a product or service to fix this, do it at a good price of production and then profit.

If you think “someone did that already”, you are probably right. But did they do this in a way that meets the needs of a unique group of people.  Think of the show “Dragon’s Den“. It’s a Canadian show that I watch religiously with many intriguing entrepreneurs. Heck – I have even had a few friends try them out. Not for the faint of heart, but good for the publicity.

There was a show last year that I saw – don’t know if it was close to airing or a repeat, but they featured a product that could help people shovel show more easily. “The Heft” I think it was called. In Lori Greiner’s (star of U.S. version “Shark Tank“) fashion – it was something that was cheap to build, prototype, design and then sell. It’s sold in the biggest hardware stores. The person who’s idea this was had such a back problem he couldn’t make it for the commercials.

how to become an entrepreneur


Most inventions are created this way – think of Lori Greiner – queen of QVC. She is an entrepreneur who turned her first idea into a $500 million dollar brand. For more info – go see this recent Success Magazine Maven here. Have a problem that’s driving you crazy? This might be the route for you.
Drill that down – what problems do you have around the things you love most – can’t find the right art supplies, can’t find an answer to a question you have that never gets answered? If it’s around something you love most, you’ll be happy getting started in that business. Have health or nutrition problems? You’re like me – I had a skincare problem that I didn’t think was possible to solve as I had rosacea, and there are so few products that are publicly sold that fix this. Fast forward to one of the ways I earn passive income – sharing the solution that helped me.
Thing about the problems that you can solve a problem that have a relatively fast return on your time investment, those that have a low cost to produce, those that match current demands and trends. When you have the idea – you’ll need to chase it fast. Trends in the world are often seized by copy cats and unless your product or service is trademarked, you’ll have years of touting the benefits of your products on your hands.
I have spent my business life creating varied ways of generating passive income. I found a direct sales company that specialized in solutions for the fastest growing trends in the market. If you want to know more about how to find these types of entrepreneurial ways – get my report here – I get into detail about the tips, tricks and pitfalls of your choice.
I have a lifetime mission of creating 100 entrepreneurs that earn passive income – very laser focused – whether it’s helping them to create an information product, write a book, or create businesses like mine – it’s up to you 🙂

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