Many of you found this as you are yearning to find focus.  I have coached and trained many in finding their zoom factor.  Often people know what it is they want to do but get stuck on the how.   They spend time trying to figure out how they’ll get to their goals accomplished.  When you study your why, it might help to note the hashtags that resonate with you.  What are the buzz words that you would use to describe what you are about?


Find Your Focus

You think about what you are good at, and these might be known as your super powers.  You know that you are the best at this, or you are really good at a skill or task and this is the best way for you to earn a living.  If you were to say “what is my superpower?”   You might know the answer to this question.  What do others ask you to do?  What could you get hired to do tomorrow?

Now what about your audience.  Do you know who they are?  Do you study it?  It’s easier than ever to find out who they are, and you can better define and target them when you choose categories on Amazon and Facebook.  Define your “avatar” or who your audience is and this is a great starting point.  If you want to get a great template, check this out now.

Now let’s prioritize what your “IT” factor is.  What do you want to happen or have in the next 6 months, 5 years, or in your life?  What are you doing now as a “side hustle” to ensure your goals become reality?  What are you doing towards your end game?  When it’s all said and done, what do you want your last sector of contribution on earth to be busy doing?

Prioritizing is taking all that you do and putting the activities in order so that your goals will be met one day.   Planning it out helps and will ensure your success.   Use your resources to do tasks to fulfill your goals and concentrate.   How can you use what you have or know now to create and strengthen your mission and purpose?

The goal setting that you have been doing – ask yourself – what work have you done before that you can use as practice or an example?  My example – I have always been a systemizer…  I take big complicated things and piece them out.  I map them out them compile a strategy and plan.  I usually would call this a roadmap for whatever I am trying to achieve.  The systemizer.

Perhaps you should share your vision/purpose – planning it out helps.  Are there those who are close to you in business or friends that you might test this on?  It’s not needed to confirm with people that are close to you, but test your trial balloon.  It’s this something you will feel comfortable going for?  It’s not for approval but it is more to practice you stating your vision.  Being confident that this is yours will give you a leg up.  Now share your vision your team.  See if you build any traction.   You will attract those who buy into your vision as you are confident and strong with it.

Finding your focus is much easier when you have clarified your vision.  Planning it really solidifies this in your mind especially when you are acting towards it.  Break it up – create small goals and put dates on them.  These become the milestones in your plan.  Once you have created this plan, you’ll be able to work from anywhere and always be gaining traction, and when you are tracking it and moving towards your goals

Hope this has helped.  Finding focus has typically been something easy for me… and then sometimes regaining it has been necessary when I struggle trying to find a solution or answer for something.  Have a great day and hope you “find your focus”.