Have you heard about Cloud Computing?  Not quite the buzz term as “Social Media”,  but it’s popular.  What is it and why should you care?

Every business needs technology – you have a computer, a phone, maybe a fax machine and likely a website.  But when you are starting a business on a shoe string, you want to be as resource efficient as possible.

Cloud Computing for Small Business

Cloud Computing is reality for small & medium business

The “cloud” is a term used to refer to a network, and in many cases, the internet.  Today a small business can take advantage of many of the services available in “the cloud”.   Online you may find ways of taking advantage of hardware and software that another company hosts, and you just pay for the service, much like you pay for your telephone or internet connection.

A small business can take care of shared hardware, web hosting, website hosting, marketing services, computer programmers, writers, and other experts in accounting, marketing, proof reading, accounting, you name it.  It allows the SMB owner to pay for a little piece of the technology infrastructure in a very affordable manner.

You can get a lot done by finding virtual staff online, and even manage your projects in the cloud.  You’ll want to use reputable companies to protect your assets, and be very careful with your intellectual capital.  Done right, this will save you time and money.

Each year, I probably subscribe to at least 15 different cloud services, which allows me to keep my virtual company to one permanent employee and a team of approximately 15 virtual staff.   I have a fax machine, telephone, cell phone and my pc’s – but don’t have to keep the servers and security headaches on my business premises.  I enjoy getting much of my work done at a fraction of the cost.

Other benefits I enjoy is that a lot of my work is accessible to me with merely an internet connection.  I have spread my knowledge over other servers, allowing me to have backups in other locations and I may update them wherever I am as long as I can get online.  I am careful about the companies I subscribe to in order to protect my data and intellectual capital.

Want more details about the services and companies I use in the cloud?   See the replay of the video that I created about the tools I use in the Cloud [jwplayer mediaid=”712″]

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