Innovating Your Way into the Spotlight

Are you wondering how you might become an Enterprise Architect?  Here is a snippet from my book:

Perhaps you are a real innovator and you have created something different or great. Maybe you came up with a new way to test or prototype an idea and saved time and money in the process. These types of experiences typify the great architect. It could have been the planning or transition of new technology. Do you recall a time when you were co-located with other systems engineers, a great team of developers, or perhaps even a cross-functional team? You had a massive problem to solve or a big project with many technological unknowns. You were thrown together to feed off each other’s energy and ideas. There is nothing quite like it when you reflect back to that point in your life and your career. Do you recall how you felt when others believed you were capable of being innovative and creative? Your organization trusted you to come up with solutions.

— Sharon C. Evans

Sharon is the author of “Zoom Factor – Focus and Accelerate your Career”